Ways to Distinguish Quality Chemicals from Fakes

Ways to Distinguish Quality Chemicals from Fakes

Unfortunately, due to the wide growth of the online chemical market, it is hard to be sure about the quality of chemicals. It is impossible to find out the quality of chemicals in your laboratory. For this purpose, special technology which costs millions of dollars is needed. Therefore, chemical expertise is the only way to find out the quality of chemicals.

Chemical Expertise Definition

This is a type of research aimed at finding out the properties of some products. During this examination, the ability of substances to interact with each other and environmental components, their level of toxicity and carcinogenicity, as well as the presence of other elements contained in a laboratory sample, are established.

Due to chemical research services, it is possible to determine the composition of objects that are in doubt. Also, chemical examination allows determining whether the presented objects are narcotic substances or psychotropic agents, whether they are toxic substances or safe for health.

The laboratory provides the following services:

  • Authentication of chemicals;
  • Determination of heavy metals and organic impurities;
  • Determination of the constituent components of the substance;
  • Confirmation or denial of the presence of specific components;
  • Determination of purity and the absence of impurities.

Chemical Expertise Process

When a client contacts special institutions, specialists determine the list of studies that will be performed to solve the problem. Then a contract is concluded for conducting a study. It describes the subject of the study, as well as questions to which the expert should give answers. For individual clients, an identity document is required to conclude a contract. And for legal entities, a certificate of registration is needed.

An expert must be provided with the test substance or the object on which it is contained. The test substance may be in solid or liquid form. After signing the contract, the customer submits the necessary materials for the study to an expert. Any documents that are directly relevant to the case, such as the previous expert opinion, can also be provided.

After receiving all the necessary materials, the expert or the group of experts proceeds to the study. First, they analyze the materials submitted to them. After that, they begin to conduct laboratory tests. After the results of the study are received, experts analyze them and draw their conclusions. After that, they provide their opinion to the customer.


The cost is always calculated individually. Various parameters can affect the price:

  • Type of study;
  • Submitted materials;
  • Complexity;
  • The amount of time spent.

There is also the resolution of such issues as determining the cause of the change in the initial chemical composition of the test substance, identifying the presence of impurities in the test substance, and producing a comparative analysis of the intended chemical composition of the substance with the substance provided for the study.

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