SARMs Drugs in Sports and Medicine

SARMs Drugs in Sports and Medicine

Nonsteroidal drugs popular in bodybuilding were the result of the development of Japanese and American scientists. The studies were aimed at searching for a complex of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) substances, possessing the advantages of AAS, but eliminating their disadvantages. The reduction to zero of the negative impact on the male prostate hormone was carefully monitored.

Testing of selective androgen-activated steroid hormone receptor modulators has shown that they are pharmacologically active in the natural gastric environment. Substances randomly attached to the receptors, in the same manner, contribute to the stimulation of muscle growth. This process eliminates undesirable consequences. The drug can be used by bodybuilders and athletes to improve:

  • Muscle growth;
  • A clear manifestation of muscle relief;
  • Endurance;
  • Immune response after a course of taking steroid-type anabolic steroids;
  • Cognitive brain operations;
  • Activation of lipolysis processes;
  • Saturation of bone structure with minerals;
  • The intensity of dissolution of fat deposited by the body.

Some drugs help prevent muscle mass loss during drying or losing weight. Also, they help with the treatment of muscle atrophy and hormone replacement therapy. SARMs products are distinguished from steroids by the absence of undesirable effects when consumed. For athletes, they are a useful and safe alternative to toxic anabolics.

SARMS Principle of Operation

The components of sports nutrition groups of nonsteroidal anabolic drugs SARMs differ in their range of action. They block or stimulate hormone receptors at the cellular level. They repeat the beneficial effects in some places of the body while minimizing the negative results from taking a synthetic series of steroid hormones in other tissues. 

Anabolic-Androgenic SARMs of the new generation are a class of hormones that play the restorative and creative functions that are reproduced by the glands of the genitals. A prominent representative of anabolic agents is the male sex hormone Testosterone. The principle of action of non-steroid drugs differs from anabolic steroids by many factors. In particular, we consider the main ones:

  • Substances of SARMs are attached to cellular androgen receptors, causing the activation of the gene part responsible for the regeneration of elastic connective tissue and bones, preventing atrophy.
  • As anabolics, they affect only the tissues that are necessary for athletes.
  • They affect other parts and structures of the body not significantly. In particular, they are safe for the prostate, as evidenced by the stability of the indicators of the specific antigen of the prostate.
  • A special feature of the products of the SARMs group allows everyone who wants to use them for weight loss, eliminating undesirable consequences. Drugs are taken orally, while most AAS is injected.

The Best Drugs

There are more than ten legal types of means of the class that are distinguished by the specificity of the action. It is difficult to make a rating or compare which nonsteroidal supplements are better. Each complex of substances is distinguished by a set of special characteristics.

The tested types of drugs are the following:

  • Andarine;
  • Ligandrol;
  • Reverol;
  • Ostarine;
  • Ibutamoren;
  • YK-11;
  • Radarine;
  • Laxogenin;
  • LGD-3303.

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