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Patanjali Yogpeeth provide free shelter,food and support to Nepal

Swami Ramdev speaks about "Nepal Earthquake

Date : 12 May, 2015

25 trucks of relief goods have been dispatched to the disaster area of nepal on the behalf of patanjali yogpeeth and 4 truck material is being sent.

Swami Ramdev speaks about "Nepal Earthquake

Date : 27 April, 2015

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Saturday said that he had a narrow escape from death as the dais from which he was addressing a gathering in Kathmandu, collapsed right after he got down from the stage. "I thank god that my program ended just a minute before the earthquake struck. As soon as I got out of it, a five to six storied building fell down like a house of cards. There were trees falling around. I couldn't get hold of what was happening and when I did I saw a few people lying on the floor with s

Yog Vigyan Shivir, Kathmandu, Nepal

Date : 25 April, 2015

Talking to media persons, Swami Ram Dev said, “There is no doubt that Buddha was born Nepal. Now he is a universal character.” Opposing the rumour about Buddha’s birth place being India, he said, “Any enlightened person is a dignity and pride of a nation,” adding, “I will campaign for Nepal if anyone says that Buddha was born in India,” he added. Swami Ram Dev arrived here in Kathmandu today from India for the Yog Vigyan Shivir-2010 being held at Tundikhel through March 27 to April 1. About 30,0

International Mahasammelan by Hamro Swabhiman

Date : 23 April, 2015

Hamro Swabhiman-Umbrella NGO will act as backbone of all pre-existing NGO, Businessman, Lawyer, Advocate, Engineer, Academics, Employee, salaried, Political Parties, etc. who are already contributing for the benefit of Nepali speaking people in India. We should unite and work for the upliftment of Nepali speaking people in India and this Trust will guide and help all those who are one way or other joining hands to strengthen the Unity and professing Nepali culture, language and tradition in In

Date : 15 April, 2014

Patanjali Yogpeeth Documentary

Patanjali Yogpeeth Documentary

Date : 14 March, 2014

Uttarakhand aapda - Patanjali Sewa Ashram